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Beneath the Blue : Underwater Archaeology in India




Maritime Domain Awareness - A Call for Capacity Building

Date - 02 May 2021

Identifying potential partners, influencing marginal supporters, generating interest in the proposals of India, communicating clearly and precisely, and elaborating when necessary, requires sustained effort at global platforms and at the national level.


Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) Framework for River Systems in the North East

Date - 15 February 2021

The rivers in the North East deserve far more attention from multiple aspects, and knowledge of acoustic habitat and UDA do add another dimension to our understanding of the river ecosystem.


Naval History of South Asia and Underwater Domain Awareness

Date - 7 February 2021

Much of the current study of South Asian maritime and naval history has been carried out by the naval establishment itself, leading to some factually detailed volumes on the subject. Over the last decade, the maritime history of South Asia has been researched by academics looking at maritime South Asia from the perspective of economic and social history, including issues of piracy.


Underwater Domain Awareness - A New Perspective in the Indo Pacific

Date - 8 February 2021

The growing recognition of the Indo-Pacific as a single strategic space and a construct to counter growing Chinese dominance in the region, also recognizes India’s centrality to the global influences and increasing role of India in America’s strategic calculations.


Dark Ship Detection in the Indian Ocean Region

Date - 01 February 2021

The rising submarine proliferation in the IOR, is one dimension that demands serious consideration by our security establishment and cannot be countered by conventional means.


Soundscape Mapping for Snapping Shrimp Noise in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)

Date - 1 February 2021

The ongoing geopolitical developments, make the IOR extremely critical from a geostrategic perspective and thus Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), or more specifically Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) becomes the most important component of maritime capacity building. The loud noise from these snapping shrimps is a major impediment for effective UDA in the IOR. This creates a strong case to map the soundscape due to snapping shrimp noise in the IOR..