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Beneath the Blue : Underwater Archaeology in India




How Acoustic Habitat Degradation Affects Auditory Perception of Divers in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)

Date - 12 March 2021

The increasing levels of acoustic degradation, especially in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), are slowly affecting the charm of the majestic marine biodiversity and causing disturbances to different aspects of the undersea world. While the numerous biohazards of diving into contaminated waters are often discussed, the effects of underwater acoustic degradation and auditory deterioration often remain unacknowledged.


Water Resource Management: A UDA Persepective

Date - 11 February 2021

Reservoir sedimentation is a serious global problem and has severe consequences for overall water management and flood control.


Indonesian Plane Crash 2021 – A Wake-up Call

Date - 30 July 2020

On 06 January 2021, an Indonesian airline aircraft met with an accident in the Java Sea with 62 people onboard. In the recent past, Indonesia has had a number of airline accidents in the Java Sea. In December 2014, as many as 162 people went down onboard an AirAsia jetliner, and in 2018, a Lion Air aircraft crashed with 189 passengers. Recovery of the debris is extremely critical to investigate the cause of the crash, so that we can ascertain lessons for the future and make amendments. The track record of Underwater Search & Recovery (UWSAR) has been extremely poor across the globe and is further degraded in the tropical littoral waters.