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Beneath the Blue : Underwater Archaeology in India




Blue Economy – Ocean Energy

Date - 21 May 2021

While ocean power is not yet widely deployed globally, it is a growing market with research underway in several countries, including Australia, Canada, USA, the UK and India.


Blue Economy – Marine Environmental Protection

Date - 16 March 2021

The Blue Economy, through sustainable use of oceans, has great potential for boosting economic growth by providing opportunities for generating income and jobs through new resources for energy, new drugs, valuable chemicals, protein food, deep sea minerals, etc. In short, it is the next sunrise sector.


Enhancing Livelihood for our Coastal Communities

Date - 18 February 2021

The lack of serious indigenous efforts and complete reliance on import of sonars for underwater surveys has been a complete disaster which is a serious limitation in our UDA initiative and given the socio-economic challenges it is difficult to prioritise S&T to overcome these challenges.


Development of Blue Economy for National Growth

Date - 16 February 2021

The loss of biodiversity due to blue economy activities will be inevitable and permanent on a human scale and deep-sea exploration and extraction will play a role in the move to a net-zero future, and how it is regulated and defined will be crucial.


A case for Skill Development

Date - 3 February 2021

The problem of unemployment is very serious in our country. Despite the vast ocean of unemployed people, it is a challenge to find the right type of personnel for various jobs. While there is a surplus of manpower, there is also a vast shortage of people with the skills to fill the large number of jobs available. What is required is development of skills that meet the rapidly changing industry needs


Blue Economy – Ocean Eneergy

Date - 21 May 2021