Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.

~Ryunosuke Satoro

Our Goals

Short Term

In the short term, we need to generate awareness regarding the concept of UDA and its potential contribution for the stakeholders. Multiple workshops, seminars, collaborative training sessions, lecture series, internships, etc., will be undertaken at MRC, stakeholders premises and other venues to sensitize them of MRC activities and expertise.

Medium Term

MRC will participate in joint research and training. The joint research will translate to student project guidance at training institutes and universities. Submission of research projects to funding agencies will be another area that will be accorded priority along with joint research guidance for the students registered in universities in topics related to the UDA.

Long Term

MRC will work as a think tank and contribute towards maritime policy formulation and strategic guidance. MRC will work towards developing our in-house expertise and provide a platform to freelance experts and young researchers to use our resources for their research and projects. It will present itself as an independent and unbiased knowledge partner to industry and activists for their strategic planning and operational management.


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Dr (Cdr) Arnab Das

Director, MRC

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